Can the world of design as we know it finds the courage to deal with society’s most personal topics?

The movement Desainisti idea initially stimulated by Mauro Martinuzzi, which was able to materialize thanks to the cohesion of a very close-knit group, Giulia Zia, Simone Bonanni and Umberto Cofini.

The Desainisti group begins a cultural and creative journey to make designers, companies, and the public reflect on topics that they are not often dealing with in their professional field.

The design process will keep a strong and indissoluble bond between designers and the company and will end with a presentation in an exhibition space and an advertising campaign.

The heart of the movement is the feeling towards man, his difficulties and his joys; we want to present to the public, through our know-how, activist products, that go to stimulate a relationship between people.

Hence our name, Desainisti